Case studies

Our client is a leading regional Utility company. In order to maintain their equipment and assets at targeted levels of reliability and availability, they work with a large number of contractors to execute the repair and maintenance work in their plants. This work is conducted in an environment where the number one priority is safety.

This global crane manufacturer had established a sales team in China several years ago, but the management was dissatisfied with its performance. The management recognized the needs to improve performance by driving up its sales levels and market share. As a result, we were invited to review its marketing and sales management, selling skills, workflow and organizational structure.

This is one of the largest catering companies in Hong Kong over the past few years, expanding its scope of operations in the retail and production. However, the rapid expansion of their scale and complexity, effective supply-chain management becomes an issue for the company.

Customer feedback

The project brought us tools, methodologies and a systematic approach to allow us evaluate and improve our processes. It certainly helps us to manage our day-to-day performance in a much more proactive way.

LMM Consultants gave us professional advice, training and support. The active involvement from all parties brought a stepped change

Overall the project has embedded a continuous improvement mindset as the clients people pursue further supply chain reductions.