This global crane manufacturer had established a sales team in China several years ago, but the management was dissatisfied with its performance. The management recognized the needs to improve performance by driving up its sales levels and market share. As a result, we were invited to review its marketing and sales management, selling skills, workflow and organizational structure.

The initial analysis showed that the client had potential competitive advantages in brand, high quality products and pricing levels. However, the client was unable to capture greater market share due to insufficient marketing and advertising. The sales team did not actively branching out to new customers. In addition there were no clear processes or measurements to successfully manage key customers. Overall, the sales team lacked the skills to perform an effective sales operation.

Following the analysis, we worked collaboratively with the client to restructure the sales processes, develop a proactive sales management system and coach the team in the effective use of selling skills.


We fully analyzed the sales operation, classified and scaled market segments. And we identified areas for improvement within both the sales team and the performance measurements being used. In cooperation with the client・s sales director and managers, we designed and developed a new sales management system that is capable to identify opportunities and track the progress on a regular basis. Also, we developed a series of effective selling skills workshops and these workshops had strengthened the skill in maintaining customer relationships.


The company・s sales was increased by 200% compared to the previous 2 years turnover, which was equivalent to RMB 50 Millions. The client had adapted the new sales operating procedures and sales management system to ensure better development and build a professional sales team for the future.