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JP Lim
JP Lim

Partner and Co-Founder

JP is a partner and co-founder of LMM Consultants based in Hong Kong. He has more than 25 years of International Management Consulting and Senior Management experience. His main area of expertise is operational improvement. He has a track record of improving performance in growth, reduce cost and increased profitability in major companies from Greater China, Asia-Pacific, United States, South Africa and Brazil.

JP also has extensive experience for Manufacturing, Natural Resources and Service Industries. Specific manufacturing sectors including food processing, electronics, glassware, wood processing. Natural resources sector includes oil & gas and mining. Service industries include insurance, transportation and telecommunications. He has successfully implemented operational improvement programs for many top Fortune 500 companies.

JP specializes in areas such as supply chain management, contractor management, repair and maintenance and sales. Specific experience involves in designing contractor management system for large mine to improve customer service and productivity; review and install repair and maintenance system for a petrochemical plants to reduce plant showdown time and optimized the inventory level.

Prior to founding LMM Consultants, JP was part of the senior management team of a major international consulting firm. He also held senior management position in one of the largest property developers in Indonesia.

JP speaks fluent English, Mandarin, Cantonese and some Bahasa Indonesian.

JP published an article about the productivity of thinking in Singapore's Lianhe Zaobao on 13 March 2014. Click to here read (simplified chinese)

Frank Mizuno
Frank Mizuno

Director and Co-Founder

Frank Mizuno is a partner and co-founder of LMM Consultants, based in Hong Kong. Frank has over 25 years of Management Consulting and Senior Line Management experience. His main area of expertise is in the development and implementation of programs to enhance growth, improve processes, costs and profitability and enhance cash flow. He has a record of demonstrated success in improving operating performance in major companies and organizations across the Asia-Pacific region and worldwide.

Frank has broad experience across a range of industries with particular focus on process industries including energy, chemicals and metals. Examples of specific industrial sectors include: oil and gas exploration and production, gas liquefaction, industrial gases and chemicals, pharmaceuticals, iron and steel, cement, machinery and equipment and manufacturing. His clients include many Asian local and multinational companies.

Prior to founding LMM Consultants, Frank held leadership positions in major international consulting firms including Booz Allen Hamilton (now Booz & Co.), Bain and Company and Proudfoot Consulting. In addition to his consulting career, Mr. Mizuno has held leadership positions with LexisNexis (a division of Reed Elsevier) in Asia where he led the development of local language operations in Japan and in China. He also previously held a senior management position with Bethlehem Steel Corporation in the United States.

Frank began his career in the United States but has spent over 15 years in Asia. He received his Master・s degree from the MIT Sloan School of Management and his Bachelor・s degree in Engineering from Stanford University.

Steve Dixon
Steve Dixon


Steve currently works as an independent retail consultant and sits on the board of directors for ESSA where he works as a retail advisor to clients seeking retail executive level personnel in Greater China and East Asia. Prior to this he was a Senior Partner with Kurt Salmon Associates (KSA), a global retail and consumer products management consulting company. He has over 30 years management consulting experience and has assisted clients with business improvement through all areas of the consumer products value chain.

Mr. Dixon has a wide range of experience encompassing retail, wholesale and manufacturing that includes grocery, apparel, footwear, electronics, consumer packaged goods, transportation systems. His last three years have been dedicated to the establishment and buildup of a Greater China and East Asia consulting practice.

He is globally experienced and has provided support to clients throughout the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. His last 10 years has been dedicated to the Asia Pacific region, assisting clients with major business transformation that has included market entry (retail and manufacturing), retail strategy and improvement, IT systems implementation, manufacturing process improvement and distribution supply chain.

Prior to leaving KSA in 2009, Mr. Dixon was responsible for development of the company・s Greater China and East Asia practices working with both multinational and domestic Chinese clients that included B&Q, The Home Depot, Adidas, Mattel, Williamson and Dickey Brands, Metersbonwe, ANTA, Li Ning Sports, Quest Sports and others.

Dr. David Wu

Director, Greater China

Dr. Wu has over 20 years management consulting experience and has assisted clients with business improvement through areas of service and manufacturing.

Prior to joining LMM Consultants, Dr Wu held leadership position in grobal companies and also in consulting firms such as KPMG and Proudfoot. During his career in consulting, has dedicated to Great China and Asia Pacific region. His major experience are assisting clients with business transformation that has included strategy development, IT systems implementation, manufacturing process improvement and supply chain reengineering.

David received his DBA from University of South Australia and MBA degree from OCU in US.

Jerry Chan
Jerry Chan

Senior Advisor, Greater China

-Over 20 years experiences as CEO coach for a variety of organizations and companies in Greater China specializing in Peter Drucker・s management philosophy and implementation. He is an author of five popular management books and a set of 24 comic book about Peter Drucker・s managerial concepts, Jerry is well known in the management profession in both Taiwan and China.

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